Jewellery Making Equipment Suppliers

Jewellery making does need some specialist tools and equipment, but thankfully the internet has made it much easier to source them - and to compare prices too.

But how can you tell which suppliers have the best quality and the best customer service?

I can help you out there.

Below are lists of suppliers in the UK and the US used by myself and my students.....

UK Suppliers

Cookson Gold - a good all-round supplier of tools and materials for all types of jewellery making. They pride themselves on holding a big stock of almost everything and dispatching it quickly!

HS Walsh and Sons - a more traditional jewellery equipment supplier, and a great source of more specialist equipment. Very helpful and knowledgeable with very good dispatch rates.

Betts Metal Sales - much the same as HS Walsh, another very reliable supplier.

Kernow Craft - best known for their gemstones and beads but also a ggod supplier of tools. Helpful, knowledgeable and quick dispatch times.

Proops Brothers - a great range of affordable tools. Not always the highest quality but great for beginners, great prices and speedy dispatch times.

Cousins UK - a source of more affordable tools, but do be aware that they only operate business-to-business. It is relatively easy to open an account with them, but making returns is not always easy as business-to-business terms are different to thos for business-to-customer.

Palmer Metals - useful handtools, and one of the Ultralite Kiln suppliers in the UK for Keum Boo work.

Tools N Tools UK - a great range of hand tools, especially hammers and unusually shaped disc cutters.

AL Findings - a family-run business with a good range of affordable tools and same day dispatch.

Metal Clay Ltd - best known for metal clay supplies and tools but also a good supplier of general jewellery making tools. Helpful, knowledgeable and quick dispatch times. One of the Ultralite Kiln suppliers in the UK for Keum Boo work.

Shesto - a great range of hand tools, small electrical tools and a supplier of parts for Foredom drills.

US Suppliers

Rio Grande - virtually everything a jeweller could want! A fantastic range of tools and equipment with speedy dispatch.

Fire Mountain Gems - mainly known for their supply of gems, beads and charms, but also stocking an increasing range of wirework and silversmithing tools.

Cool Tools - a good range of hand tools and smaller pieces of equipment such as drills. Well known for their Cool Tool range of templates and metal clay textures.

Seattle Findings - a great range of hand tools and larger equipment such as rolling mills and pendant drills.

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    Joanne Tinley

    The Jeweller's Bench is run by Joanne  Tinley. She has been making her own jewellery for as long as she can  remember and left her first career as a school teacher to set up  business as a  jewellery designer and tutor nearly 15 years ago. She is  self-taught and like many people started with wire and beads. Learning  how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making,  one that she is keen to share! There is something so magical about  watching solder flow through a seam, joining  two pieces of metal  together smoothly.