Simple Hammered Rings

Learn how to turn simple wire into a beautifully textured ring

Course Summary

Get confident with sawing, soldering, texturing and shaping your silver! The Simple Hammered Rings class is a wonderful project for beginners as it covers so many essential jewellery making techniques - and it is the starting point for many other beginner and intermediate ring projects too.

The class includes a downloadable equipment list, and the rings can be made from a variety of wire types and dimensions - all this and more is discussed. The Simple Hammered Rings class is also available as part of both the Silversmithing for Beginners and the Rings course bundles.

1 hour 27 minutes long, 17 lessons

Materials needed: the class examples were made from 2mm round and square sterling silver wire. Half-round, rectangular and oval wire as well as round and square wire of between 1.8mm and 2.5mm is great for this class.

Course Curriculum

"This will made my ring making so much easier! Lots of great tips here."
Rose M.
"Another excellent class from Joanne Tinley. Although it's a simple task,  she explains it all very clearly, preempting any questions and problems  that might arrive. Excellent points and hints raised re solder joins  and tools in particular. Well worth watching regardless of your skill  level - beginner to proficient"
Dawn G.
"The videos have a good rhythm to them making them very relaxing to watch"
Andrew B.

Course Pricing