Stone Set Rings

Start with simple hammered rings and then learn how to adorn them with small cabochons!

Course Summary

Once you've learnt how to make simple hammered rings, add to your skills and learn how to dress them up with beautiful colourful stones!

The Stone Set Rings class is a great introduction to stone setting techniques, and teaches you everything you need to know to create your own bezel settings. The class includes a downloadable list of all the equipment that you will need, plus a guide to the materials needed too.

This class assumes that you already have a good understanding of all the techniques covered in the Simple Hammered Rings class, and both classes can be found in the Rings course bundle. The Stone Set Rings class can also be found in the Intermediate Silversmithing course bundle.

This project was designed as part of the Facebook challenge #ringamonth2019

2 hours 35 mins long, 18 lessons.

Materials needed: round, square, rectangular, oval or half-round wire approximately 2mm in diameter, small amount of 0..5-0.7mm silver sheet, cabochon stone 5mm-10mm in diameter, fine silver bezel strip to fit your stone.

Course Curriculum

"Stone setting is my (well, one of) great terror. This class takes you  through really clearly, with genius top tips (put your stone in from both sides, for example) to make sure that you end up with exactly what you wanted. I watched this, and then immediately set a stone successfully."
Dawn G.
"Love this class and Joanne’s teaching methods. What a wonderful teacher.   I  look so forward to every lesson. What I think so highly of, is the  fact that she explains every step of the way. Thank you so much Joanne."
Susan B.
"This is a fantastic class on setting cabochon stones. Very detailed step by step instructions and useful tips."
Diana H.

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