How to prepare a Crucible for casting

Learn how to get that all-important piece of casting equipment ready!

About the Tutorial

A crucible is an essential piece of kit for casting, whether you're carrying out sand casting or casting scrap silver into fresh ingots. However, a fresh crucible straight out of the packet is not ready for use. You first need to coat or glaze it with a layer of borax, and that is exactly what this video tutorial will show you how to do. You'll be ready for casting in no time!

The video also gives a look at the area in which I carry out my casting work, how I make the area as safe as possible, and a quick look at my favourite torch for sand casting.

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Looking for more information on casting?

Head over to The Jeweller's Bench blog where you can find information about casting equipment, different ways of setting up your sand casts and my favourite tools for finishing casts. One of the most important pieces of sand casting equipment is a set of casting rings. There are many different styles available on the market, and I prefer the sand casting rings from Casting Clay Sales.

And if you want to learn how to add stones to your sand casting, add textures to your moulds, how to cast two items at the same time and more then download the Sand Casting ebook here!

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