The Art of Keum Boo - Hammered Gold Drop Earrings

Learn how to add beautiful 24k gold to your silver jewellery - with tips for soldering Keum Boo Jewellery

Course Summary

This class continues my series on Keum Boo, an ancient Korean technique  that literally translates as “attached gold”. In the first class I  taught you how the technique works and kept the design fairly simple so  that we could concentrate on process of attaching the gold - this time  we're adding in soldering and hammering!

Soldering has to be carried out carefully on Keum Boo pieces so that you  do not overheat the design and encourage the gold to bond too much to  the gold as this can allow it to "sink in" to the silver, losing it's  bright golden yellow. Most importantly, you have to give the gold some  aftercare once the soldering is done - and this class will teach you how  to do that to help you create a gorgeous pair of earrings. I've also  added a hammered texture to the class project to show you that the gold  is thick enough to take a texture beautifully without splitting.

Keum  Boo bonds 24k gold and fine silver together, with no solder involved,  just heat and pressure. It is a strong permanent bond, hundreds of times  thicker than gold plating. As you can see from the class project a little gold goes a long way, making this a great way of adding the  richness of gold to your jewellery without breaking the bank. It is a magical technique, and one that I never tire of teaching! I love the  look on my students’ faces when they realise that their gold design has bonded beautifully onto the silver.

An understanding of the information in the first class in this series, the Golden Butterfly Pendant class, is useful. All of the Keum Boo classes can be found in The Art of Keum Boo course bundle

1 hour 11 minutes long, 16 lessons

Course Curriculum

"Loved the class!!"
Sue C.
"Love the luxurious look of these earrings - and love that I've now been able ot make my own pair!"
Alex J.
"Joanne has again explained every stage of this process, clearly and with insight. Well worth watching, even if you already practice keum-boo"
Dawn G.

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    Learn how to add 24k gold to your silver jewellery

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