The Art of Keum Boo - Golden Butterfly Pendant

Get started with the basics of Keum Boo and create a beautiful butterfly pendant

Course Summary

This class is an introduction to Keum Boo, an ancient Korean technique that literally translates as “attached gold”.

The technique bonds 24k gold and fine silver together, with no solder  involved, just heat and pressure. It is a strong permanent bond,  hundreds of times thicker than gold plating. As you can see from the  class project a little gold goes a long way, making this a great way of  adding the richness of gold to your jewellery without breaking the bank. It is a magical technique, and one that I never tire of teaching! I  love the look on my students’ faces when they realise that their gold  design has bonded beautifully onto the silver.

I have kept the project for this class to a simple design so that we  can concentrate on the technique itself, and I will take you through how  and why Keum Boo works together with the equipment that you will need. Keum Boo requires fine silver and 24k gold, but I will teach you how to use sterling silver as well. Future classes in this series will show you how combine soldering,  forging and texturing with Keum Boo - and will also show you how to use  even the smallest of left-over pieces of foil to create beautiful designs!

All of the Keum Boo classes can be found in The Art of Keum Boo course bundle.

1 hour 28 mins long, 13 lessons

Materials needed: approximately 0.8mm sterling silver sheet, 24k Keum Boo gold foil, small jump ring, chain to finish the pendant 

Course Curriculum

"Great class, with lots of really pertinent tips and explanations."
Dawn G.
"Such a great technique! I love the mix of silver and gold so thank you for teaching me how to do it!
Sue H.
"Excellent class!  Thank you"
Sue C.

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