Dotty Box Earrings

Learn how to make hollow boxes and turn them into earrings!

Course Summary

Hollow beads are a delight to make as they allow you to create larger  pieces without the heavy weight of metal - which also, of course, helps  to keep your costs down! This is the second of my classes on hollow  beads, and time I'm going to show you how to make little boxes that are  perfect for earrings, as you can see here, and also as beads for  pendants, long necklaces and bracelets too.

As well as tips for soldering safely and getting a beautiful finish  on your beads I will teach you how to attach secure earwires so that you  can be confident that your finished earrings are going to last. I set  myself the challenge of using silver left over from other projects for  my beads, and so I'll also show you how to recycle both wire and sheet  into different gauges and profiles. However, you don't have to use a  rolling mill to decorate these beads - hammers and texture stamps also  give beautiful results - and you can obviously buy the silver at  suitable sizes rather than recycle.

I've kept the shape of the earrings simple so that we can concentrate  on the techniques, but once you've mastered those techniques you'll  find it easy to make ovals, teardrops and more!

The Dotty Box Earrings class is also available as part of the Intermediate Silversmithing course bundle.

2 hours 15 mins long, 15 lessons

Materials needed: approximately 0.5mm-0.7mm thick sheet metal large enough for four discs, rectangular wire, 0.8mm round wire

Course Curriculum

"This makes something fairly complicated easy to master"
Diana H.
"Another fab class. Place all the solder pallions in the centre of the backplate, before lining them up to the wall It's obvious, now you say it, Joanne!! These look gorgeous, and now I want to make a pill box."
Dawn G.
Frida Å.

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Dotty Box Earrings


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