Leaf Motif Earrings Tutorial

Here's a quick tutorial for you, showing you how to make a simple pair of earrings with a lovely leaf motif design.

This project uses one of my rolling mill texture sheet, one full of different sized motifs and mirror images of them too - ideal for making beautiful earrings!

It will teach you how to accurately line up rolling mill textures on your metal sheet, and will also help you improve your soldering skills!

You will need:

1. Two small pieces of sterling silver or copper sheet,   depending on your preference. I used two pieces of 0.7mm thick sterling   silver sheet (just under 20 gauge), measuring 12mm wide and   approximately 15mm long. Each piece was a little bigger than the motif   I'd chosen
2. 0.8mm (20 gauge) wire for the earwires. I used two 5.5cm lengths
3. A pair of motifs from the Jewellers Bench Shop or a pattern you have cut from card yourself. I used the smallest motif in the Watercolour  Leaves set.

Soldering Kit
Jeweller's saw and bench peg
Flat file and emery paper
Nylon jaw pliers, flat nosed pliers, wire cutters
Planishing (rounded) hammer and benchblock
Scissors, pencil and sharpie
Rolling Mill

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Joanne Tinley

The Jeweller's Bench is run by Joanne  Tinley. She has been making her own jewellery for as long as she can  remember and left her first career as a school teacher to set up  business as a  jewellery designer and tutor nearly 15 years ago. She is  self-taught and like many people started with wire and beads. Learning  how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making,  one that she is keen to share! There is something so magical about  watching solder flow through a seam, joining  two pieces of metal  together smoothly