Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need specialist equipment?
Yes - and buying tools can become a bit of an addiction! Each class has a downloadable tool and equipment list,
and you will find that you will use the same piece of equipment in many different classes.

How long do I have to watch the videos?
As long as you like! The Jeweller's Bench is here for many many more years, and you will have access to your classes for all of that time.
In the unlikely event of my retirement you will be given plenty of notice.

Can I download the videos and handouts?
The handouts are yours to download and keep handy as you work your way through the class project.
However, the videos can only be watched through the website.

Why can't I buy more than one class at a time?
Unfortunately the software platform running the website does not allow more than one class to be bought at a time.
However, groups of classes have been "bundled" together for convenience - and usually at a slightly lower price!

Do I need to watch the classes in a particular order?
Some classes are part of a series, for example the Art of Keum Boo course, and the first class in the series usually has information
that the other classes refer to. In these cases the classes clearly state which order it is best to watch,
or which other class it is useful to watch first.
Bundles have the classes arranged in an order that helps you to get the most out of them.

Will each class always be available for new students?
Some classes may eventually be updated or replaced by newer ones.
These classes will still be available to enrolled students but will not be available for new enrolments.

Can I email you questions about my jewellery making?
The best place for jewellery making questions is The Jeweller's Bench Café facebook group,
a thriving community of wonderful helpful and supportive jewellers of all levels of experience.
I post regular hints and tips in the group, and we share our work and industry news too.
We'd love to see you there!
Unfortunately emails can get lost in my inbox - but if you need help using the website please use the contact form.