Dancing Pearls Earrings Tutorial

A modern twist on the classic pearl earrings
this project will teach you how to set half-drilled pearls to create a beautiful pair of earrings with silver discs dancing above them!
The project is a great way of using up small pieces of silver and is very easy to adapt to suit your own style.

You will need:

1. Sterling silver sheet between 0.5mm and 0.7mm thick. I used 0.55mm thick sheet, enough to cut 10 9.5mm diameter discs.
2. 0.8mm (20 gauge) sterling silver round wire for the earwires. I used two 10cm lengths
3. A pair of half-drilled pearls. Mine are 6.5mm peacock grey.

Soldering Kit (for annealing the discs before shaping)
Disc cutter, old hammer, leather cushion
Drill and 0.9mm drill bit
Nylon jaw pliers, 2 pairs of flat nosed pliers, round nosed pliers, wire cutters
Planishing (rounded) hammer and steel bench block
Fine sharpie, ruler, circle template (optional)
Flat needle file, small mandrel or pen barrel
2-part epoxy, plus something to mix it on and with

One beautiful pair of earrings!
Experiment with different thicknesses of sheet and 

different numbers of loops above the dancing discs 
to create a different look.

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Joanne Tinley

The Jeweller's Bench is run by Joanne  Tinley. She has been making her own jewellery for as long as she can  remember and left her first career as a school teacher to set up  business as a  jewellery designer and tutor nearly 15 years ago. She is  self-taught and like many people started with wire and beads. Learning  how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making,  one that she is keen to share! There is something so magical about  watching solder flow through a seam, joining  two pieces of metal  together smoothly