Reticulated Star Pendant

Learn how to texture silver with your blowtorch

Course Summary

 Learn how to texture silver using your blowtorch! Smooth shiny silver  is beautiful, using a rolling mill or hammers to add patterns to your  silver is lots of fun - but have you tried using a blowtorch to create a  random rippled effect across your silver?

Reticulated patterns are great fun to produce as you can never be  quite sure what you're going to get! The technique essentially requires  you to melt the surface of the silver and allow it to cool down again,  but the key is in the preparation of the surface. This class will take  you through everything you need to know, and as I've used my piece of  reticulated sheet to create a simple dainty star pendant I will also  give you a refresher on sawing techniques.

The Reticulated Star Pendant class is also available as part of the Intermediate Silversmithing course bundle.

1 hr 16 mins long, 11 lessons

Materials needed: sterling silver sheet at least 0.8mm (20 gauge) thick, small amount of 0.8mm round wire, chain to finish pendant

Course Curriculum

"Wonderful. Clear explanation of the reticulation process. Thank you."
Ada G.
"Fun to do. Reticulation at home using a small torch gives great results. As always Joanne gives clear instructions and I always learn from watching how she does things."
Diana H.
"Really excellent class that covered depletion of sterling (I'll be using  this for my keum-boo) as well as reticulation. A two-fer."
Dawn G.

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Reticulated Star Pendant


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