Preparing a New Bezel Pusher

Bezel pushers will leave marks on your work if you use them straight from the packet. Watch this quick video to learn how to prepare them properly!

About the Tutorial

Bezel pushers, simple metal rods pushed into wooden handles, are great for setting stones in bezels, tubes and more - but before you use a shop bought bezel pusher you must give it a bit of TLC otherwise it will leave marks on your silver that will be difficult to remove!

This short video will show you how to easily prepare a new bezel pusher, and the same method can also be used to prepare bezel rockers. It is important to check the finish of all your stone setting tools before you use them and if necessary re-smooth them.

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Tools and Materials

To preapare your bezel pusher you will need:

* a bezel pusher - of course!
* an old file
* a piece of medium grade emery paper
* safety gogles to protect your eyes from any stray steel filings

You may wish to go futher than I did and finish off your new tool with a quick polish.

Course Curriculum

Joanne Tinley

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